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Washington state senators have teed up a mileage-based tax for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles as the first step toward changing how the state pays for road maintenance and other transportation needs. Policymakers expect gas tax revenue to decline long term. Oregon has been experimenting with a per-mile charge for years.

Washington Department of Transportation

The panel that sets highway and bridge tolls in Washington is recommending the state follow Oregon's lead and phase in a pay-by-the-mile road tax to make up for expected declines in gas tax revenue. The nonbinding recommendation to the Washington Legislature from the state Transportation Commission drew flak from skeptical taxpayers and faces a bumpy road ahead in the 2020 election year.

SCOTUS To Review 'Landmark' Tribal Sovereignty Case

Jun 27, 2018
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Last year, the Washington state Supreme Court granted the Yakama Nation the right to transport goods and services across state lines without taxation. Attorneys and tribal members called it a landmark case for tribal sovereignty. Now the U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review it.

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Beginning early next year, a group of Washington drivers will be keeping close tabs on the number of miles they drive and how much they spend on gas. They will be part of a pilot program to test out a proposed pay-by-the-mile road tax, similar to what Oregon rolled out in 2015.

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 Oregon lawmakers will try once again next year to round up support for a major transportation funding package. Their most recent attempt got sidelined amid a dispute over a separate bill. As part of the effort to craft a new next version, a legislative committee is touring the state to try to figure out what to include.

Oregon Lawmakers Hit The Road To Examine Roads

Jun 10, 2016
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Oregon lawmakers are hitting the road Monday to get a first-hand look at the state's traffic chokepoints. It's part of an effort to develop a transportation funding package for a vote in next year's legislative session.

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Business executives and lawmakers in Oregon are gathering Monday in Portland for an annual summit. One item on the agenda is how to move ahead with a transportation funding package.

Portland Development Commission

Oregon’s new pay-by-the-mile program called OReGO is one month along. The idea is to re-capture tax revenue from people who drive a lot but don’t have to buy much gas.

But it may work out differently.


The Washington state Senate Wednesday morning failed to muster a two-thirds vote to suspend a voter-approved class size reduction measure. That could put a $2 billion hole in the freshly passed two-year budget.

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Washington Governor Jay Inslee will sign a new two-year budget into law Tuesday, just in time to avert a partial government shutdown.

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Washington’s gas tax would go up nearly 12 cents per gallon to fund road projects under a deal struck between Democrats and Republicans.

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With a third special session underway, the Washington House and Senate plan to vote sometime Monday on a two-year budget.

Oregon Lawmakers Pull Plug On Transportation Package

Jun 25, 2015
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Efforts to raise Oregon’s gas tax this year appear to have fizzled out in the legislature.

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Oregon drivers could pay an additional four cents per gallon in state taxes. That's part of a massive transportation package unveiled Wednesday by Oregon lawmakers.

Oregon Prepares Pay-By-The-Mile Tax

May 29, 2015
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When you buy gas for your car, you're paying a flat, per-gallon tax. But Oregon is starting a new program July 1 that would change things.

Portland Development Commission

Oregon is looking for volunteers for a new pay-by-the-mile tax.

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The federal government and many states have offered car buyers incentives to venture into the electric car market. But now some states are going in a different direction.

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The push to raise the gas tax by nearly 12 cents per gallon gas is still alive in the Washington legislature. But time is running out.

Governor Brown Signs Clean Fuels Bill Into Law

Mar 12, 2015
Office of the Governor

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has made what is perhaps her boldest political statement since she took office in February.

GOP Plan To Fund Idaho Roads Would Raise Gas Tax 5 Cents

Mar 10, 2015
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A group of Republican lawmakers in Idaho is offering a plan they say could raise up to $81 million for road and bridge repairs by next year.

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The Republican-led Washington Senate Monday approved a nearly 12-cents-per-gallon gas tax increase phased in over three years.

Electric Vehicle Backers Push For Tax Incentives

Feb 25, 2015
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Oregon lawmakers are considering a possible hike in the gas tax this session. Supporters say it's needed in order to offset stagnant revenues due to more fuel efficient vehicles.

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Republican lawmakers in Idaho said there’s still a long road ahead to agreeing on a plan to fix roads and bridges.

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On Monday, a panel of Idaho lawmakers said the time has come to boost the gas tax to fix roads and bridges that are in disrepair. Father and son truckers Cliff and Rusty Irish have seen the problem first hand.

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A bipartisan group of Washington state senators is backing an 11.7 cent gas tax increase over three years.

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Gas prices have plummeted, but Washington’s gas tax could soon go up.

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The Washington legislature convenes next Monday for a 105-day session. Transportation funding is one of the top agenda items.

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The debate over a gas tax hike has revved up again in the Washington legislature.

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Members of the mostly Republican majority in the Washington Senate say they want to jumpstart talks on a gas tax package to fund roads and transit. Previous negotiations stalled out in December.

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Washington Governor Jay Inslee says he will continue to push for a gas tax package in the 60-day session that starts Monday. But a key transportation leader in the State Senate signaled Thursday that prospects for a deal may be dimming.