Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

Gay rights advocates say legislation introduced this week in Idaho would undermine local anti-discrimination ordinances passed in seven Idaho cities.

Holiday Shoppers May Hit Snags As Banks Try To Curb Fraud

Dec 16, 2013
Michael Kappel / Flickr

An unprecedented rash of credit card fraud in one corner of the Northwest is forcing banks to put limits on card purchases – just in time for the busiest shopping season of the year.

Idaho Lawmakers Prepare For Education Fight In 2014

Nov 19, 2013
Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

A group of conservative Idaho lawmakers wants the state to reconsider standards known as the Common Core in the upcoming legislative session.

Idaho School Boards Reject Firearms Training Program

Nov 8, 2013
Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

School boards across Idaho have rejected a contentious plan to set up gun training for staff and teachers.

US Senate

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo voted this week against a federal ban on workplace discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender people. But Tuesday he said Idaho cities should be able to maintain their local gay rights ordinances.

Ryan Lancaster / Spokane Public Schools

An estimated 1.2 million people in the Northwest took part in an international earthquake drill Thursday.

Andrew Brown / National Weather Service

Residents of the inland Northwest are cleaning wheat field dirt off their furniture. It's the fallout from an unusually large, desert-style dust storm that carried a wall of dirt across eastern Washington Sunday night.

Idaho's 'Museum Of Clean' Built As Monument To Way Of Life

Jul 10, 2013
Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

There's a museum tucked away in a corner of the Northwest dedicated solely to the idea of “clean.” In fact, it's called the Museum of Clean, housed in an old brick warehouse in Pocatello, Idaho. It's a monument to one man's lifelong campaign to improve the world – one scrub brush at a time.

The King of Clean

The Museum of Clean at first appears to be an 8,000-square foot sunlit mausoleum of bygone advances in cleaning. Here lies the pump-action vacuum cleaner. On another wall: “Milestones in the History of Washing Machines and Dryers.”

Gay Rights Efforts Gain Traction In Idaho Small Towns

May 10, 2013
Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

Efforts to pass more local gay rights laws are moving ahead in Idaho. A city councilor in Coeur d'Alene plans to introduce an ordinance later this month. And in Pocatello, a failed ban on discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender people is getting a second chance.

The first attempt in the southeast Idaho town of Pocatello raised fears about religious liberty and the possibility of men using the law to harass women in public restrooms. A representative of a conservative D.C. law center even flew to Idaho for a series of meetings with the mayor and city council members.

Jessica Robinson / Northwest News Network

POCATELLO, Idaho - This Thursday, the city council in Pocatello, Idaho, is expected to vote on whether to make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s one of several cities in Idaho that have taken up the cause of gay rights – an issue the Idaho legislature has so far resisted.

But even some gay rights supporters wonder if the local ordinance will change anything.