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How's this for emergency preparedness? An elementary school located in the tsunami inundation zone in Cannon Beach, Oregon, has equipped every student with a personal disaster survival kit.

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A threat written on a bathroom wall forced school officials in Spokane to place a high school on modified lockdown Friday. But the lockdown was a precaution because it wasn’t clear there was a threat at all.

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The Oregon House approved a measure Thursday that would create a statewide tip line to report threats against schools. The idea is that in some cases, someone who intends to do harm tells a friend or relative ahead of time.

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Schools shooters often threaten violence before they act. But according to an FBI guide to school shootings, students who hear these threats rarely tell an adult.

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Many eastern Oregon school children are getting a few more days of holiday this week near Burns. Parents and school officials are worried about security for children since an armed group began occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

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Oregon should create an anonymous statewide tip line and a database of school floor plans. Those are some of the recommendations in a report released Wednesday by a task force on school safety.

One student was killed and four others are being treated at area hospitals after a school shooting north of Seattle.

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Parents and students across the Northwest are seeing many new security measures as a result of the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.

Idaho School Boards Reject Firearms Training Program

Nov 8, 2013
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School boards across Idaho have rejected a contentious plan to set up gun training for staff and teachers.

Idaho School District Dumps Plan To Arm Teachers

Oct 30, 2013
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Officials at a school district in north Idaho say a plan to arm teachers is off. The proposal has been generating controversy in the Sandpoint area.

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A proposal to arm teachers in north Idaho is stirring up a heated response. A group of parents has launched a recall campaign against the school board member behind the plan.

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The Oregon teenager accused of plotting an attack on his high school has obsessive-compulsive disorder brought on in a rare way: a strep infection. That's according to his mother.

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West Albany High School students are praising one of their classmates as a hero. Truman Templeton sounded the alarm that a fellow student was plotting what officials call "mass murder" at his high school. Seventeen-year-old Grant Acord is being held on $2 million bail after his initial court appearance Tuesday.

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A judge in Benton County, Ore. has set bail at $2 million for a 17-year-old accused of plotting to bomb West Albany High School. The student -- Grant Acord -- appeared in court on a video link to face 19 counts. They include attempted aggravated murder and illegal manufacture and possession of bombs and weapons.

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Police officers could search students’ lockers, backpacks and pockets without permission under a bill in the Washington legislature. The measure has already passed the Washington state Senate and was the subject of a hearing Thursday in the House.

Sen. Mike Carrell introduced the bill. He’s a former high school teacher. He says it would give trained officers greater ability to head off possible tragedies.

“We’re putting our schools, our children and our personnel at potential risk," Carrell says. "You know what has happened in schools.”

Washington Senate Passes Funding For School Security

Feb 11, 2013

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington lawmakers are moving ahead with their first education-spending bill of the year. The state Senate voted Monday to approve a $500 million in school construction bonds. Ten million of that would go to equip every school with a panic alarm by 2014, among other security measures.

Democratic Sen. Sharon Nelson said this was a step toward increasing gun safety. She says her next goal is to create more background checks for gun buyers.

OLYMPIA, Wash. –Every school in Washington would be equipped with panic alarms by the end of 2014 under a bill under consideration in Olympia. Monday, the Washington Senate will hear a bill focused on upping security at schools across the state.

The system would work exactly as it does in banks across the country. An alarm button would give school administrators a direct line to local police. Installation of these alarms in all schools would cost an estimated $5.5 million.

Idaho Town To Consider Tax For Stepped-Up School Security

Jan 11, 2013
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COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho - School districts across the Northwest are revisiting their safety plans in the weeks following the shooting at Newtown, Conn. Now, one district in north Idaho is taking it a step further. Leaders there hope to raise taxes to pay for bullet proof glass, metal detectors and video monitoring systems.