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Give yourself a pat on the back if you have already responded to the 2020 census. Residents of Pacific Northwest states are doing an above average job fulfilling their civic duty. But there is still a long way to go amid a virus pandemic that has forced many adjustments.

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An inventive TV producer could script a complete game show with all of the unusual or borderline situations that Census Bureau workers may encounter while carrying out the once a decade national headcount. Then on top of it all, the current coronavirus outbreak introduced a plot twist that has delayed some 2020 Census training and field operations.

Yet, the census count is now underway in the Pacific Northwest. You might have recently received a letter with an invitation to complete the census online or by phone. Census takers were to follow up beginning in April with people who didn't get a mailing or ignored it, but that operation has been pushed back to launch in May, in part to protect the health and safety of census takers.

The once-every-ten-years census count of everyone living in the United States starts next month, beginning with remote villages in Alaska. West Coast states are spending local tax dollars to boost the response when their turn comes beginning in March.

Census Data Highlights Pacific Northwest Population Growth

Dec 27, 2017
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States in the Pacific Northwest are among the fastest growing in the country. And according to the latest census figures,  it’s gaining people more than twice as fast as the national average.

Migration to the region—rather than births—made up the bulk of population growth.

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A new Census Bureau report out Wednesday indicates the economic recovery is lifting children out of poverty unevenly around the Northwest.

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New federal population figures out Thursday show the nation’s youngest county is in the Northwest. And it’s not in an urban area. Madison County, Idaho, is in the midst of eastern Idaho's potato country.

Idaho and Oregon are among the states that have seen a decrease in the number of uninsured.

Northwest Household Income Flat ... Except In Oregon

Sep 19, 2013
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Oregon was one of the few states where household earnings went up last year. That's according to a new report out Thursday from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Census Report Reveals Language Trends In Northwest Homes

Aug 8, 2013
US Census Bureau. This map shows the distribution of Spanish-speaking households in 2011.

New figures from the U.S. Census Bureau show the Northwest has fewer people who speak a foreign language at home than the country as a whole. But the highest concentrations of foreign speaking households in the region are not where you might expect.

As you might guess, language trends are closely tied to immigration. So certain languages, like Norwegian, are declining in American homes. Others, like Russian, are being spoken more. Overall, the proportion of the American population that speaks a language besides English at home is rising, according to the new report.

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Centenarians are still a rare breed, but their ranks are swelling. The most recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau found more people than you might expect over 100 years old in the Northwest. There are more than 1,000 centenarians in Washington state, nearly 700 in Oregon and 220 in Idaho.

"Oh, my goodness. People live to be old these days, huh?" says 100-year-old Justine Ackerman of Newport, Washington. She says she credits her longevity in part to clean living.

"I never drank or smoked, or anything like that," she says.