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It’s election week. Northwest election officials project 60 percent of registered voters are likely to cast a ballot this mid-term election.

Washington Legislature

Washington state has strict campaign contribution limits. But candidates and political donors are experts at finding ways around those caps.


The battle for control of the Washington state Senate is getting a lot of attention. But all Washington House members are also up for re-election this year.

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Republicans say an out-of-state Democratic group is trying to suppress the GOP vote in a hotly contested Washington state Senate race.


Political campaigns and committees in Washington have spent nearly $70 million so far this year. That includes statewide initiatives and legislative races.

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Environmentalists, unions, trial lawyers and business interests may be among the top political spenders in Washington this election year, but there’s a group of influential players who don’t necessarily show up in the campaign finance reports.

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California billionaire and climate activist Tom Steyer has contributed a significant amount of cash to an environmental political action committee in Washington.

Washington Secretary of State

Election 2014 is just over three weeks away.

Political Action Committees in Washington have spent more than $14 million so far this year. The top spenders are teachers, trial lawyers, SEIU and a business PAC called Enterprise Washington.

The Washington Education Association has taken in $1.5 million this year, making it the head of the pack when it comes to money raised by political action committees.

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The 2014 election is about six weeks away. That means campaigns are kicking into high gear and asking their funders to help them cross the finish line.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to correct the aggregate amount of money raised by the campaigns.

Washington’s November election will decide three statewide ballot measures. So far, nearly $9 million has flowed to these campaigns. And it’s still early.

Washington voters got another chance this week to take the state's relatively new Top Two primary system for a spin. This year Oregon voters will choose whether to shift to a similar method of choosing candidates.

Washington’s August primary appears to have delivered an historic first. Two Republicans are likely to advance to the November election in central Washington’s 4th Congressional District.

Democrats may face an uphill battle in their bid to win back the Washington state Senate. Early primary election returns Tuesday night showed Republicans polling well in several key districts.

Washington Secretary of State's Office

It’s primary day in Washington. Tuesday’s vote will decide a park levy in Seattle and narrow the field in dozens of state legislative and Congressional races.

Washington State Redistricting Commission

Washington voters have until 8 p.m. Tuesday to turn in their primary ballots. Secretary of State Kim Wyman projects a turnout of about 40 percent.


Supporters of a Washington gun control measure on the November ballot may have just gotten a mid-summer boost. They’re capitalizing on an audio recording that recently surfaced.

Washington Public Disclosure Commission

Washington’s August primary is less than a month away -- August 5. It’s a mid-term election year with no statewide offices on the ballot. Even so, already nearly $33 million have been contributed to campaigns.

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A new Elway Poll out Tuesday shows support for a gun rights measure on Washington’s fall ballot is flagging. Meanwhile, a dueling measure that would expand background checks remains popular.

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July 3 is the deadline for initiative sponsors in Washington and Oregon to submit their petitions to qualify for the November election. Pot legalization and GMO-labeling are among the issues likely to make the ballot in Oregon. In Washington, it’s guns, money and class-size.


One candidate for an eastern Washington congressional seat has hit on a way to appeal to 2nd Amendment advocates and to increase the names on his campaign mailing list.

Even though it is a mid-term election year, some 300 candidates are vying for 162 local, state and federal positions in Washington state alone.

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In the world of Democratic politics, Tom Steyer, a former California hedge-fund manager, is like a real-life Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.


The political divide is already on display in the Washington state capitol as lawmakers convened for their 60-day election year session.

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Washington lawmakers convene Monday for what could prove to be the most partisan session in a decade.

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Washington initiative promoter Tim Eyman kicked off the New Year with a new ballot proposal.

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The latest vote tallies from Washington confirm voters have rejected an initiative to require labels for food containing genetically modified organisms.

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Washington voters have rejected a measure aimed at making it easier to qualify citizen initiatives for the ballot.

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Washington voters have rejected an initiative to require labels for foods with genetically modified ingredients.