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Northwest's Hottest Days Of The Year So Far Are Looming

National Weather Service

The weather forecast calls for an abrupt switch from cloudy and showery to a heat wave beginning as soon as Thursday. Next week could start with the hottest days of the year so far in many places around the Northwest.

For Portland, the National Weather Service is forecasting a high of 88 on Sunday and 91 on Monday.

For Seattle, a high of around 80 on Monday.

Spokane could see the mercury hit 96 on Sunday and near 99 by Tuesday.

Boise and Medford could hit triple digits by Saturday and 105 degrees on Monday.

Weather blogger Steve Pierce in Vancouver, Washington predicts Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will be the hottest days of this heat wave. "We're going to see a very strong ridge of high pressure build from the intermountain and southwest part of the country. It's going to push up into the Pacific Northwest over the weekend. That is going to send temperatures up quite dramatically."

Pierce says the computer models call for a cool off before the Fourth of July holiday.

If you're sensitive to heat, Pierce and the National Weather Service agree the Pacific Coast with its ocean breezes may be the best place to escape.

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