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Oregon Considers Limits On Explosive Rodent Killing Devices

David VanHoose

SALEM, Ore. – An Oregon man injured by an explosive rodent killing device is pushing lawmakers to regulate the machines. The issue was the subject of a hearing at the state capitol Tuesday.

Propane-powered pest killers like “The Rodenator” are popular for exterminating gophers and groundhogs.

But Mike Lester, who lives in the rural Cottage Grove area, sustained some internal ear damage and hearing loss when the loud device went off near him. He wants lawmakers to consider several new regulations on these contraptions including a registration system.

”I guess it is probably an item that will happen again based on history of our human race," he says. "Sense of judgment can be impaired at times.”

At least one senator is already calling it “The Caddyshack Bill”.

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