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Prosecutor 'Looking At Everything' In Next Steps On Pasco Police Shooting

Olivia Weitz
Northwest News Network
Franklin County Prosecutor Shawn Sant and Coroner Dan Blasdel speak to reporters about receiving the police report from the Tri-City Special Investigation Unit. The report reviewed the police shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes.

The prosecutor in Pasco, Washington, said he’s now reviewing thousands of pages of an investigation into the February police shooting of farmworker Antonio Zambrano-Montes.

Investigators turned over the results of a months-long inquiry Thursday.

Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Shawn Sant took questions from reporters after receiving the report. Sant said in the coming months he’ll decide whether the three officers involved will face charges for the death of Zambrano-Montes.

When asked whether murder charges were off the table, Sant responded, “No, I mean -- we, you’re asking -- I’m not taking any charges off the table on or the table. I haven’t reviewed the information. I hate to speculate of what final outcome may be, but we are going to certainly looking at everything.”

It’s been nearly four months since police shot and killed Zambrano-Montes after he was allegedly throwing rocks on a street corner. The officers involved in the shooting have been on leave ever since.

A possible coroner’s inquest into the incident could also help determine what happens next.