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Former Police Officer Charged In 1986 Spokane Cold Case

A former police officer from Pasco, Washington, has been charged with a homicide from nearly three decades ago.

Investigators from Spokane arrested Richard Aguirre Tuesday.

Twenty-seven-year-old Ruby Doss was found dead in 1986 in an industrial section of Spokane, killed by strangulation. The case went cold at the time and it remained unsolved for nearly 30 years.

But investigators said they recently got a hit on DNA from the case. It led them to Aguirre, who is now in custody in Spokane. He’s accused of first-degree murder.

According to police, the DNA match comes from a recent sample Aguirre gave in a separate sexual assault case in the Tri-Cities. Spokane police say since the match, they’ve been tracking down witnesses from 30 years ago and are trying see if Aguirre can be linked to any other assaults.

Aguirre pleaded not guilty to the Tri-Cities rape and maintains his innocence in the 1986 homicide. His attorney said now that he’s been charged, they can move away from the “innuendo” and deal with the case head-on.