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Report: Oregon Women, Girls Outrank US On Depression, Sexual Violence

Women's Foundation of Oregon
A slide from a report on the state of women in Oregon.

Women and girls in Oregon are more likely to be survivors of sexual violence, and have the highest incidence of reported depression in the country, according to a report released Wednesday on the status of women in the state.

The report was released by the Women's Foundation of Oregon. Researchers used data from the Centers for Disease Control to reach some startling conclusions. Among them: Just over half of the state's female population has been the victim of sexual or domestic violence.

Emily Evans, director of the Women's Foundation, said said it's the first comprehensive look at the well-being of women in Oregon for nearly two decades.

"We think of ourselves as a really great place for women and girls to live," Evans said. "And the first hard look at the data in 20 years is telling us that's not actually the case."

The report also found Oregon women have the second-highest rate of so-called "asset poverty" in the nation. Nearly half of all Oregon households led by women don't have enough financial resources to meet basic needs for three months in the event of a job loss.