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Students, Staff Look Toward New Normal After Fatal School Shooting

Emily Schwing
Northwest News Network
Freeman High School was a crime scene after a student shot and killed a schoolmate on Wednesday morning.

The Freeman High School football team will play a home game Friday night on their campus south of Spokane Valley. School will resume Monday after this week’s fatal shooting.

Minutes after students walked into Freeman High Wednesday, they were hiding in classrooms as a 15-year old sophomore used a handgun he’d allegedly taken from his father’s gun safe to fire shots into a crowded hallway. 

Kelby Cochrane will head back to the biology classroom where she hid from the gunman, who killed her friend and classmate Sam Strahan, also 15. 

“I know it’s going to be very different, because I had a majority of my classes with Sam,” Cochrane said.

A Go-Fund-Me page set up after Strahan’s father died unexpectedly in June had raised about $5,000. In the days after the shooting, the site has now raised more than ten times as much.