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Heat-Related Injury Claims Rise During Record August Heat
Oregon Department of Transportation
File photo of a crew member checking the temperature of asphalt.

The August heat set records in some Oregon cities. And not surprisingly, the hot weather was especially brutal for people who work outside.

Oregon's workers compensation firm, SAIF, reports it received more than 30 heat-related claims in August this year. Even with some companies still reporting data, it adds up to more than the total number of heat-related claims than what was recorded in the last three Augusts, combined.

Ben McCormick of SAIF said these aren't just cases where someone got too hot and had to go sit down for a while.

"The exposure is serious enough that the employee has received medical treatment of some sort, and often times people will end up in the emergency room,” McCormick said.

McCormick recommends employers give their outdoor workers frequent breaks in a cool, shaded area. And he said workers in areas experiencing wildfire smoke should take extra precautions.

Hot weather is expected to continue through early September. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for much of western Oregon and southwest Washington for the Labor Day weekend, with temperatures possibly reaching 100 degrees in some places.