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'Breakfast After The Bell' May Be Coming Soon To Washington State

Washington Legislature
Washington state Rep. Monica Jurado Stonier is the primary sponsor behind the ''Breakfast After the Bell'' bill.

Wednesday marked the third day of Washington’s 2018 legislative session and the House of Representatives passed its first bill. It would require high poverty schools to offer breakfast after the start of the school day. It’s a top priority for Democrats.

Rep. Monica Jurado Stonier is the primary sponsor. On the House floor, she said the bill will ensure kids have full stomachs and are ready to learn.

“We believe we can provide a school system that works for all kids but we know that kids can’t learn if they are hungry,” We know that kids cannot learn if they are not healthy. And in Washington state we are ready to fix that this year.”

House Democrats have passed the “Breakfast After the Bell” bill several times but it hasn’t cleared the state Senate. That could change this year with Democrats now in control of both chambers.

There are different ways schools could implement the program. They could bring breakfast to kids in their classrooms or simply provide a morning break when students can get a cafeteria meal.

Several Republicans voted against the bill citing the $500,000 cost.