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Don't Expect Much Happiness In The Pursuit Of Cheap Gas This Weekend

Kristen Steele

According to AAA, Americans will see the highest Fourth of July gas prices they've seen in the last six years.

And as bad as it sounds, for drivers in the Northwest it even gets a little worse.

California, as usual, earns the distinction of having the most expensive gas in the Lower 48. But right after the Golden State -- Washington and Oregon are the runners up at around $4 for a gallon of regular. Idaho isn’t in the top 10, although its prices have also risen faster than the national average. Right now, it’s around $3.70 a gallon.

Jennifer Cook of AAA-Washington said part of what's going on is the West Coast is dealing with a kind of double whammy.

“Prices have gone up on the West Coast primarily due to some refinery issues, as well as the unrest in Iraq," she said. "Even though we don't get our crude here from there. It puts pressure on the entire market.”

But Cook said gas prices in the Northwest should flatten out this summer, especially once several refineries in California, Washington and Alaska are fully back online.