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Gas Prices Dip Below $2 At Some Northwest Stations

According to AAA, the last three months have been the longest stretch of declining gas prices they’ve ever recorded in the U.S.

In few places in the Northwest, drivers are now paying under $2 per gallon.

At the Warpath gas station in Plummer, Idaho, just off U.S. 95, gas is $1.84 a gallon. That’s one of the cheapest places west of the Rockies according to the reports on The price prompted a grin from Rony Paz:

“I never thought I was going to see it this low in my life anymore,” he said with a laugh.

Gary Richerson of Great Falls, Montana, said it was just a shame he can’t put more in his truck.

“If I’d known, I’d have brought a 200 gallon tank and filled it,” he said.

Plummer and Worley, Idaho along with Cle Elum, George and Wapato, Washington, have all broken $2 per gallon.

Plummer and Worley are on the Coeur d’Alene Indian Reservation. But Warpath owner Pete Mahoney said contrary to popular belief, lower taxes aren’t behind his low prices. The Coeur d’Alene Tribe has an agreement with Idaho to charge the same 25-cent fuel tax that stations elsewhere in the state pay.

Mahoney said he has more price flexibility because the Warpath isn’t affiliated with a major company like Texaco or Conoco.

“I just try to keep the lowest prices,” he said. “Our lines are clear back to the highway sometimes.”

The owner of the Warpath said he’s run out of gas three times in the last week, but he still had plenty left when Bryan and Katelyn Foutch of Moscow, Idaho, filled up their minivan for just $31.08.

"That’s crazy,” Katelyn said.