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Washington Lawmakers Move To Ban Pit Bull Bans

Taylor Winkel
Northwest News Network
Zak Thatcher and her bull terrier Ozzy drove four hours to show their support for breed-neutral legislation.

Payette County, Idaho bans pit bulls. Medford, Oregon is considering a ban of its own. But some Washington state representatives want to ban the bans.

Dog lovers dominated a hearing Thursday in Olympia, on a measure that would block local ordinances that prohibit specific breeds. One of the advocates is Zak Thatcher, an emergency room nurse from northwest Washington and bull terrier owner.

“I see a lot of dog bite victims, and I have to tell you when you try to point out which dog is the problem, it’s impossible. It can be a labrador, it can be a cocker spaniel. There really is no consistency,” Thatcher says.

If lawmakers pass the measure, Washington towns such as Yakima, Enumclaw and Royal City would have to repeal their breed-specific bans. However, the bill’s primary sponsor says she is uncertain whether she has enough yes votes.