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Oregon's First Lady Shows Off Energy Efficiency Improvements At Governor's Mansion

Thanks to a series of energy efficiency improvements, the heating bills are lower at the Oregon Governor's Mansion this winter.

Mahonia Hall is 90 years old and drafty. Oregon First Lady Cylvia Hayes says one of her predecessors called it "Pneumonia Hall." Things got so bad workers found a hole in the attic roof this past summer that gave a pretty good view of the sky.

So Hayes and Governor John Kitzhaber ordered up some energy efficiency upgrades. Workers added insulation, LED lights, and of course, plugged the hole in the attic.

Hayes says the improvements are especially noticeable on the second floor, where workers installed interior storm windows.

"We had a lot of draft up here. We were losing a lot of heat," says Hayes. "They did the diagnosis and figured out where they would have their biggest impact. So that's the ones that we have in place now."

Hayes says the taxpayer-footed utility bills for the Oregon governor's mansion have dropped every month this winter. The energy efficiency upgrades were donated by a Portland remodeling company.