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Oregon Food Labeling Measure Headed For Likely Recount

Lindsay Eyink
Oregon's Measure 92 appears headed for a recount.

The most expensive initiative in Oregon history appears headed for a recount.

County elections officials had until Monday to submit their final totals from this month's election. And the margin of defeat for Measure 92 now stands at about 800 votes.

Measure 92 would require food manufacturers and retailers to label genetically engineered foods. The two sides combined to spend nearly $29 million.

The Oregon Secretary of State's office hasn't officially announced a recount yet. That won't happen until next week. But the current totals are well within the margin needed to trigger a state-funded recount. It would be the first statewide recount since 2008.

Supporters of Measure 92 tried desperately to get voters whose ballots had been disqualified to correct signature problems. But that effort may not have been enough to propel the initiative to victory.