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Several Hot Topics On This Week's Agenda At The Idaho Capitol


Idaho lawmakers are set to tackle some of the most contentious issues of the session at the capitol. Monday morning starts with a hearing on abortion.

First is a bill that would legally require doctors to do physical exams and take other steps before prescribing pills that induce abortions. It easily passed the House and now Planned Parenthood is trying to get abortion rights supporters to turn out for what could be a heated Senate hearing.

We’re also expecting a committee vote on what’s known as “instant horse racing.” These are the gambling devices that lawmakers say look way too much like slot machines. The legislature has taken hours and hours of testimony this session on a bill that would revoke the law that allows them.

And finally, we’re expecting a revised proposal on teacher pay this week. Teachers gave lawmakers an earful last week about emphasizing test scores, but Republicans aren’t too keen on spending a bunch of money without some sort of measure of teacher effectiveness.

Idaho’s legislative session is expected to go long this year.