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Investigation Finds Dolezal Engaged In Harassment, Bias On Citizen Panel

The former NAACP chapter president at the center of a controversy about her race also engaged in misconduct as the head of a police oversight committee.

That’s the finding of an investigation out Wednesday by the city of Spokane.

The independent investigation into Rachel Dolezal and two other members of the Police Ombudsman Commission began earlier this year, prompted by a whistleblower complaint.

The report concluded that Dolezal violated workplace harassment policy, revealed confidential information about police misconduct cases, and exhibited open bias against police.

Investigators said her conduct failed to satisfy requirements of fairness and impartiality.

In one example from April, they said she chose a photograph of two children holding signs saying “Don’t Shoot” for an ombudsman commission flier.

Dolezal became president of the local NAACP while on the commission. She resigned from that post earlier this week after it was revealed she had misrepresented her race.

The mayor of Spokane and the City Council president are now calling on Dolezal to resign from the police ombudsman commission.