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Oregon Adopts Initial Rules For Recreational Marijuana

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The state of Oregon has adopted its first set of rules governing how marijuana can be grown and sold in the state.

Oregon’s recreational marijuana industry now has a better sense of what state regulators expect of them. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission Thursday approved a first set of rules governing how pot can be grown and sold in the state.

The rules are the product of more than three dozen meetings over the past four months. Marijuana growers, law enforcement officers and local government officials were among those who helped craft the regulatory language.

The complex rules govern things like who can own a marijuana business, how many acres each marijuana grower can use, and if employees of recreational pot stores can use the drug on the job. The answer to the last one will be yes, if the employee does so in private and has a medical marijuana card.

The rules take effect in January, which is when the state will start accepting licenses for recreational marijuana stores.

Medical pot dispensaries started selling some recreational marijuana products this month, but that's under a temporary authorization.