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Sanders Only Presidential Candidate To Address National Congress Of American Indians

The National Congress of American Indians invited four presidential candidates to its mid-year conference in Spokane this week. But only one addressed the Congress directly.

Although Hillary Clinton is likely to be the Democratic party’s nominee for President, Bernie Sanders is still on the campaign trail. In a three-and-a-half minute video message to the National Congress of American Indians, Sanders said he’d continue to fight for a progressive agenda.

“To my mind, we need to fundamentally change the relationship between the United States government and the native American community,” Sanders said.

Sanders said he and staff have met with more than 90 tribes throughout the campaign season.

“Poverty is much too high, unemployment is much too high, the healthcare system is inadequate,” Sanders said. “This cannot continue.”

Both major U.S. political parties are unlikely to outline official platforms until they hold their national conventions in July. In 2012, Democrats said they would continue the legacy of achievement under the existing administration. Republicans called for improved government-tribal relationships.

A representative from the Clinton campaign also addressed the Assembly.

The Libertarian Party and Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump declined the invitation.