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Marches Planned In Big Cities, Small Towns Across The Northwest

Sam Beebe
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Demonstrations aren't just for the Northwest's big cities. Joseph, Oregon, in the northeast corner of the state will host a march on Saturday.

Nearly 40 marches are registered in the Northwest for Saturday. The demonstrations are part of an international show of support for women and human rights. 

The regional activism is inspired by a national Women’s March on Washington, D.C., organized in response to the election of Donald Trump.

The marches span across Oregon, Washington and Idaho. While the largest marches will take place in left-leaning cities like Seattle, Olympia, and Portland, others are taking place in smaller towns across the region.  

Tiny Oregon towns like Joseph and Halfway as well as places like Walla Walla and Chelan, Washington, will play host to local demonstrations. A group in Brookings, Oregon, is asking participants to join them for cookies, coffee, and sign-making Saturday morning.

Despite forecasts for rain, many groups have planned rallies with guest speakers.