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Trump Supporters in Eastern Washington Relish New President's Inauguration

A small crowd gathered at Republican Headquarters in Spokane to see Donald Trump take the oath of office Friday morning. As Donald Trump placed his hand on the bible, 35 people stood, many clad in red white and blue, raised mimosas and cups of coffee to toast the 45th president.

Spokane County Republican Party Chair Stephanie Cates said Trump’s inauguration speech was energizing.

“What was interesting was what I didn’t hear,” she said. “I didn’t hear a lot of the personal pronoun ‘I.’ I heard a lot of ‘we’ and ‘our’ and ‘you.’ That really spoke to me that he is wanting to bring the country together and restore the power back the people.”

As Trump made calls for more jobs, help from God and putting America first, onlookers cheered.

Ed Ulrich of Spokane brought a bible with him. His wife Millie said he brings it with him everywhere. They said they were pleased to hear their new president invoke God during his speech.

“That’s awesome I thought,” Millie said. “We thought maybe that was just in the campaign.”

“Yeah, if you go back and look when he said he was going to run for president and then today, after that speech -- God is molding him,. Jesus is molding him” Ed added. “The Holy Spirit is coming alive in President Trump right now and you know what? He really does care for us, I can feel it, I really can feel it.”

Millie, who was born in the Philippines, also liked what Trump said about border security.

“That’s something that really gets me going, makes me really mad when all these people are coming in, breaking in,” she said. “I said my husband and I mortgaged our house so we can bring my family here and we waited 15 years. I came here in ’81. They didn’t get here until 2004, that’s how long the wait is.”

Another part of the inauguration speech hit him for Nick Gervasini of Denver, Colorado.

“I think the whole notion of all of us being under the same God and the same country and just all having the same dreams -- the American dream, you know,” he said. “And it can be realized for everyone and I think he really wants to make that a reality and returning the government to the people I think that’s something the country really wants.”

Ben Dubois from Renton, Washington, said he believes that accountability will be returning to Washington, D.C., under the new president.

“He’s not a very ideological guy so he he’s not set on doing certain things, so hopefully he’ll be able to work with everyone,” he said. “And I think that’s what millennials want the most -- is people to actually do things and get things done and get results so I think he’ll hopefully be able to do that better than what’s been done recently.”

Trump’s supporters in Spokane said they hope their fellow Americans will give the new president a chance to make good on his promises.