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Gun Rights Advocates Rally In Olympia Against Bump Stock Ban, Enhanced Background Checks

Enrique Perez de la Rosa
Northwest News Network
Washington state Rep. Representative Matt Shea, R-Spokane, speaks at the ''Rally 4 UR Rights'' gun rights rally in front of the state Capitol steps on Friday.

Gun rights activists from across Washington state rallied in Olympia Friday. They came to protest proposed gun control legislation that supporters say will reduce mass gun violence.

Most were openly carrying weapons including pistols and semi-automatic rifles.

Republican state Rep. Matt Shea spoke at the rally. He said measures like a proposed ban on bump stocks wouldn’t be effective. 

“A ban on a plastic accessory is not going to stop bad people,” Shea said. “A registration is not gonna stop bad people. More bureaucrats and more permits are not gonna stop bad people. Armed good people are gonna stop armed bad people.”

Washington lawmakers are considering measures to limit magazine capacity, to require enhanced background checks for assault weapons and to encourage the safe storage of firearms.

A public hearing on the bills is scheduled for Monday.