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Hundreds Rally In Olympia To Protest Reproductive Rights Bills

Enrique Perez de la Rosa
Northwest News Network
Hundreds of activists gathered at the Washington state Capitol steps Monday in opposition to various reproductive health bills being considered by state lawmakers.

Hundreds of abortion rights opponents gathered in the rain at the Washington state Capitol Monday. They were there to protest a number of efforts by lawmakers to expand access to reproductive health services, including one bill that would require health insurers who cover maternity care to also cover abortions.

Republican state Sen. Jan Angel spoke at the rally. 

“Paying for abortions on our insurance with our premiums and our money is not acceptable,” she said to cheers from the crowd.

Among the bills being considered is a measure that would require employers to provide contraceptive coverage for employees. Another would allow Medicaid patients to be reimbursed for the cost of drugs, services or procedures involved in abortions, voluntary sterilization and contraception.