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Oregon Lawmakers Grill Director Of Health Insurance Exchange

Cover Oregon

Oregon's Obamacare health insurance exchange is finally getting some traction after a shaky beginning.

In Salem Wednesday, officials from Cover Oregon announced that 23,000 people have signed up for private health insurance. State lawmakers say they're still not happy about the progress the state is making to get Cover Oregon's troubled website working.

Republican state representative Kim Thatcher asked acting Cover Oregon director Bruce Goldberg a question she says a lot of her constituents want an answer to:

"How many people at Cover Oregon have been fired or otherwise held accountable for their bungling?"

Goldberg said no one has been fired, although two high level officials have resigned. But ultimately Goldberg says he'll take the blame for the health exchange website's problems.

"I have been involved from the beginning," he said. "I am accountable. And right now I am accountable for helping to fix it."

To that end, Goldberg says more glitches are being fixed on the website each week. But he couldn't give a target date for when it would be fully functional.