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'NOT FOR KIDS' Label Comes To Marijuana-Infused Edible Products

Washington Poison Center
Processors can face a hefty fine if they do not feature this label on their edible pot products.

You won’t have to worry about unclear labels on any pot-infused sweets in Washington state after Valentine’s Day. A rule to help keep children from getting more than just a sugar high goes into full effect Tuesday.

Jasmine Hargrove, a shop manager in Olympia, said she’s already seen some items with the new label.

“We’ve been getting in products for the past couple of months that are coming with the new ‘not for kids’ sticker,” Hargrove said. “It’s a bright red stop hand and it says ‘NOT FOR KIDS’ on it. And I believe it has the poison control number on it as well.”

Many edible pot products look strikingly similar to candy, cookies, and other tempting treats you might find at the grocery store.

The Washington Poison Center received 86 calls about marijuana exposure through edibles in 2015. And in Colorado, reports say the number of children taken to the emergency room after eating a pot product nearly doubled in 2015.

The Liquor and Cannabis Board joined forces with the Poison Center to create the label. They hope parents will teach their kids not to touch products with similar warnings.

Licensed processors can face a $2,500 fine for their first failure to meet marijuana label standards.