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Inslee Concerned For The Future Of Healthcare In Washington State Under 'Trumpcare'

Jeanie Lindsay
Northwest News Network
Gov. Jay Inslee told the press Thursday, that a proposed healthcare plan from the federal government would make it more difficult for seniors, cancer survivors and women to find and afford adequate healthcare coverage.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said thousands of people’s health coverage would be in jeopardy under the federal government’s Affordable Care Act replacement. In a meeting with the press Thursday, he expressed concern over the proposal, claiming it would cut benefits and increase costs.

Inslee said nearly 600,000 people in Washington currently covered through medicaid would lose their coverage under the new plan.

“Unless the state somehow financed over $1 billion to replace the federal government’s stinginess, under Trumpcare, of cutting supportive healthcare for Americans,” Inslee said.

So far, he said the proposal has received mixed reactions from Republicans.

“Governors, both Democratic and Republican have recognized damage to their states because of Trumpcare,” Inslee said.

Both parties in Congress have also expressed concerns, some due to the plan’s unknown impact on the federal budget.

Opponents claim the plan would make it more difficult for older, poorer, Americans to afford coverage. Inslee said his staff will evaluate further impacts on Washington state.