Gun Store Owner Wary Of Participating In Background Check Law

Dec 3, 2014

Washington’s new background check law for person-to-person gun sales and transfers takes effect Thursday.

The law puts federally-licensed gun dealers in the role of conducting the checks. But Don Teague, the owner of Private Sector Arms, a gun store in Thurston County, said it’s not a role he’s comfortable with.

Teague said he’s in the business of arming people for personal protection. And he has one word for Washington’s new background check law: “Garbage.”

So what will Teague do if two people come into his store and ask him to conduct a background check so they can complete a person-to-person sale?

“I’m still trying to help, but I’m not trying to make money off this law,” he said.

Teague said he’ll do a background check for a $25 paperwork fee -- the same fee he currently charges other federally-licensed gun dealers. And for liability reasons he won’t let the gun leave the store until the background check is approved -- even if that takes several days.

Backers of the new law say they’re confident it will make Washington safer and reduce gun violence.