Oregon Governor Signals Strong Push For Transportation Funding Package

Jan 9, 2017

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown took the oath of office and delivered an inaugural address before a joint session of the Oregon Legislature Monday. In her speech, she signaled that she'll make a strong push toward getting a transportation funding package through the state legislature.

Among Brown’s stated priorities was a package that would pay for highway and mass transit improvements. One suburban Republican lawmaker, Julie Parrish, tweeted during the speech that she'd support a package only if it widened I-205 in the Portland area.

At a press conference following the address, Brown said she's willing to entertain such demands.

"We are committed to making sure that we have projects in the package that folks support and are absolutely needed in order to move Oregon forward,” the governor said.

Brown hasn't said how the transportation package would be paid for. Any increase in the state gas tax would require votes from both Republicans and Democrats.