Oregon Lawmakers Want To Ban Gas Vehicles From Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Apr 10, 2015

We know it's illegal to park in a disabled parking spot if you don't have a permit. Now, some Oregon lawmakers want to make it a costly infraction to take a spot reserved for electric vehicles.

A House committee Friday approved a measure that would allow a fine of up to $250.

"It came to me actually from a constituent who is an electric vehicle owner and who would drive up to spots that are reserved, and find them occupied by a non-electric vehicle,” said Democratic Rep. Jeff Reardon, the measure's chief sponsor.

Reardon said shutting a legitimate user out of a chance to juice up can be a huge inconvenience. The measure now advances to a vote by the full Oregon House.

A similar law is already on the books in Washington state. Poaching an electric vehicle spot there can get you a $124 fine.