Spokane Voters To Decide Whether Trains Can Carry Oil And Coal Through The City

Jul 25, 2017

Spokane voters will decide in November whether to allow the shipment of coal and oil by rail through the city. The city council voted in favor of a special election in November.

Supporters of the ballot initiative say shipments of coal and oil by rail through the city pose a health risk because of coal dust and pieces of coal that fall from the uncovered cars as they travel. They also argue that because oil shipped by rail can be highly volatile, those shipments pose a serious safety risk to the public.

Opponents say blocking the shipments would be detrimental to the economy. They also voiced concerns about the cost to taxpayers.

There are questions about whether the initiative might be challenged in court if voters pass the it this fall. If the measure succeeds, it would be the first time an American city regulates shipments of oil within its limits.