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Washington Lawmakers Seek To Bring Back the Sonics

Ibrahim Rustamov
Wikimedia -
Could the SuperSonics return to Seattle?

The Seattle SuperSonics haven’t had a home in Washington state since 2008. But some lawmakers want to help them stage a comeback.

“We are starting with a work session on the NBA Sonics.” state Sen. Michael Baumgartner of Spokane said. He chairs the Commerce, Labor & Sports Committee and plans to figure out what lawmakers in Olympia can do to assist the team’s homecoming.

And, he said, “understanding how this legislature might play a role in accelerating the return of our beloved NBA sports franchise that has statewide importance.”

A key question for the committee was, “what happened?”

A staff presentation cited outcomes in the 2006 and 2007 legislative sessions as key reasons the team left, including failed bills that designated tax dollars for renovations at Seattle’s Key Arena.

Baumgartner plans at least two more work sessions. The final phase, he said, would be drafting new legislation to aid a comeback.