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Labor Day Gas Prices Lower In Northwest

Kristen Steele

As drivers head out on Northwest highways this Labor Day weekend, gas prices are significantly lower than they were a year ago.

AAA says the price at the pump has fallen a nickel per gallon this past week alone in Oregon and Washington. That's the biggest one-week drop in the nation.

But Triple-A spokeswoman Marie Dodds says it's not clear whether the lower prices are here to stay. "We will be watching and waiting to see what gas prices do in the next few weeks because of the situation in Syria and the violence in the Middle East in general. That has been putting upwards pressure on crude oil prices."

Dodds says despite the recent drop, gas prices in the Northwest remain among the highest in the nation. The national average for a gallon of regular is $3.59. In Oregon, it's currently $3.71. In Washington, it's currently $3.75. And in Idaho, it's currently $3.78.

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