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Boise Man Arrested On Terrorism Charges

Federal agents arrested a man in Idaho Thursday suspected of conspiring to support a terrorist organization in Central Asia. Thirty-year-old Fazliddin Kurbanov is from Uzbekistan and lives in Boise.

Two federal grand juries – one in Idaho and one in Utah – handed down a total of four terrorism-related charges against Kurbanov. Federal authorities say he attempted to help the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan with money and computer software between August 2012 and May 2013. The U.S. government designates that group as a foreign terrorist organization.

According to the Idaho indictment, in November 2012, Kurbanov was in possession of the makings of a “destructive device,” including a hollow hand grenade, potassium nitrate, and sulfur.

Kurbanov is also accused of providing demonstrations on bomb making in Utah and elsewhere earlier this year. The indictment says he distributed videos and recipes and made “instructional shopping trips” about explosive devices that could be used on public transit systems or buildings.

Kurbanov is scheduled to appear in court in Boise Friday.