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'12th Man' Can Be Found Far Outside Seattle City Limits

Jessica Robinson
Northwest News Network
Nine-year-old Alora Morrow of Spokane celebrates the Seahawks' Super Bowl win.

Three days after the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl, hundreds of thousands of fans flocked to the city to celebrate the team’s return. But the "12th man" doesn’t just live in Seattle.

At 12:12 p.m. came the scream heard ‘round the state in Olympia ... and in Spokane.

Spokane resident Bobby McCauley says he wishes he could have flown to Seattle for the parade. But instead he went to the next best thing: a live broadcast of it at Spokane's River Park Square mall.

“You can be a Seahawks fan wherever you live and I think there's going to be a lot more now,” McCauley says.

For Carolyn Miller, from the Spokane Valley, Sunday’s win against Denver was a win for the whole Northwest -- and even beyond.

“My son lives in Colorado," she explains. "So I'm getting pictures for him."

Miller isn't taunting her son. He's a big Seahawks fan.

Alora Morrow isn’t from Colorado and she’s been waiting for awhile for a Seahawk win. She's nine years old now, and she says she has been a fan, “Ever since I was six.”

Morrow has a No. 12 painted on her face and knows what it means to be a Seahawks fan.

“So like there's 11 people in the players and 12 is the fans,” she explains.

And those fans aren’t just in Seattle.