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  • 092721TB_SleepStudies.jpg
    Cori Kogan
    WSU Spokane
    Long hours. Extreme fatigue. You couldn't miss it in the faces of soldiers and refugees at Kabul Airport last month and you can't miss it now in the faces of caregivers in hospitals here at home. It just so happens that Washington State University Spokane is in the midst of a series of studies of how sleep deprivation affects people in high stress, high risk jobs.
  • 071421TB_SeismicShip.JPG
    Tom Banse
    NW News Network
    Earthquake researchers are eager to dig into a trove of new data about the offshore Cascadia fault zone. The valuable new imaging of the geology off the Oregon, Washington and British Columbia coasts comes from a specialized research ship. The National Science Foundation seismic survey ship Marcus Langseth zigged and zagged over the full length of the undersea Cascadia Subduction Zone -- from the Oregon-California border north to Vancouver Island.