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Disasters and Accidents

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Disasters and Accidents

  • Tokeland vertical evacuation tsunami tower.JPG
    Tom Banse
    NW News Network
    There is a new option to escape a tsunami if you’re on the southwest coast of Washington when the Big One strikes. The Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe on Friday dedicated a 50-foot tall evacuation tower in Tokeland, Washington. Tribal leaders and the Federal Emergency Management Agency said the new tsunami refuge platform should be an example and inspiration for other vulnerable coastal communities.
  • 060922TB_DisasterDrills2.jpg
    Clallam County DART, 2019 (left)
    Sara Harrington, Disaster Relief Trials 2016 (right)
    A huge dress rehearsal for regional earthquake disaster relief was supposed to happen next week until the ongoing pandemic forced it to be shrunk and moved online. The original Cascadia Rising 2022 exercise would have involved more than 22,000 participants – chiefly U.S. soldiers, sailors and airmen as well as state, local and tribal emergency planners. Some smaller drills are going ahead this weekend and next featuring civilian volunteers who will demonstrate unusual ways aid may get to Pacific Northwest earthquake survivors.